SCUF Infinity4PS PRO PS4 Jester - Designer Edition

What's in the box?
  • SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Controller
  • Digital Tap Triggers
  • 2 Green Concave SCUF Thumbsticks (removable)
  • Purple D-Pad & Buttons
  • Purple Trim
  • SCUF Green Military Grip
  • SCUF Green thumbstick rings
  • EMR Magnet to customise paddles to any button
  • 2 SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Paddles (remappable with EMR Key)
  • Thumbstick ring lock (to remove & change thumbsticks)

*Charge cable sold separately, controller is compatible with Dualshock playstation cable

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SCUF Gaming

SCUF Infinity 4ps


Competitive Controller for PlayStation 4 and PC

Find out why 90% of pros use SCUF. Take your game to the next level with the modular SCUF Infinity4PS PRO.

Every SCUF controller is built at the SCUF workshops based in UK and USA. To provide the high-quality that every gamer deserves, each controller is handcrafted following a strict process, making it a unique piece of hardware. Finally, to ensure optimal performance, a complete quality check and in-game hand test is performed on every SCUF before it is shipped to you!

One Controller. Any Game.

With its innovative technology and wide range of options, a SCUF Infinity4PS PRO controller can be used effectively for a wide range of games for PlayStation 4 or PC.

From a competitive edge in shooters like Call of Duty, to the precision found in fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, a SCUF can be used for any game. The SCUF IMPACT controller will also give players an edge in sports games like Madden, NBA 2K and FIFA or racing epics like Forza. Use your SCUF in the chaos of Grand Theft Auto, the firefights of Destiny or the wilderness of Uncharted.

It doesn’t matter which world you’re in, SCUF will take your gaming to the next level.



The SCUF patented paddle control system is essential for elite gamers.

Paddles mimic face buttons and functions, enabling you to increase your skill level and perform more advanced moves in game while keeping your thumbs on the thumbsticks.

The recessed design on the back of the SCUF Infinity4PS PRO makes the paddles even easier to reach. Play with 0, 1 or 2 removable paddles.


Use the SCUF EMR Mag Key for ‘on the fly’ remapping of the back paddles to most face buttons. Great for all game genres!

Simultaneously press the face button and paddle you want to assign - job done.


SCUF thumbsticks are designed for professional level performance; using high grade materials for improved grip & durability.

Available in two heights and two shapes:*

  • Rounded and precise, the domed shape is tailored for accuracy. 

  • Built to improve movements, the concave shape allows the thumb to dig in.

*Sold separately, see "What's in the box" for inclusions on this model


Switch thumbsticks in seconds with the SCUF Ring and Lock system, which comes standard on every Infinity4PS series controller. Change from regular to tall length, and from domed to concave shape, depending on preference and gameplay style.*

The Infinity Rings provide easy open & lock system to swap thumbsticks while also increasing smoothness of thumbstick movement during gameplay.

  • The SCUF Lock is included with every SCUF Infinity4PS controller.

*Different thumbsticks sold separately, please see “What’s in the box?” for model inclusions


Hand crafted high grade grip on the SCUF Infinity4PS series controllers provides increased comfort and improves grip during gaming sessions. SCUF Grip is similar to material used to coat military equipment, its textured surface covers the entire back of the controller.


SCUF Model may not include all features in video, please see "What's in the box?" for model inclusions

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